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SUMMARY Two graphic methods of the determination of the directions of the principal moments of an isotropic plate are described in the paper. The isoclinic method utilizes the geometrical locuses of points, in which the direction of the principal moments corresponds with the direction of raster lines. It is necessary to obtain several patterns of […]

SUMMARY Study of urban stability shows that the special concern given to the problems of the commerce in urban structures is derived from the dominance of this functional element in the system of facilities and from its ability to put together economical, urbanising and social functions. That all enables to influence urban stability to a […]

SUMMARY The study is discussing those principles of sustainability whicb are relevant for town planning. The current problems of cities are analysed looking for possibilities of their fixing in urban structure, traffic concept, resource saving, prevention of pollution, integration with the nature etc. A vision of sustainable city is presented here: it has to be […]

SUMMARY Social care and town planning are different activities but they have common items and they can enrich each other. The article is dealing with these common items from the architect’s viewpoint. Town planning is a social service for the society, a few years ago fully under state control. But a social state is an […]