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prof. Ing. arch. Julián KEPPL, PhD. Faculty of Architecture STU Institute of Architecture II Nám. slobody 19, 812 45 Bratislava keppl@fa.stuba.sk prof. PhDr. Ľudovít PETRÁNSKY, DrSc. Faculty of Architecture STU Institute of Design Nám. slobody 19, 812 45 Bratislava petransky@fa.stuba.sk prof. Ing. arch. Matúš DULLA, CSc. Faculty of Architecture STU Institute of History and Theory […]

SUMMARY Architectural Heritage is a result of long period of human activity reflecting the relationship between mankind and nature. The present cultural property reflects different living conditions and levels of development. Application of actual, innovative forms of presentation based on the principles of theory of monument preservation will enable to preserve heritage for the next […]

SUMMARY The majority of professionals and numerous amateur designers, active in this profession do not realize the scope to which design influences corporate marketing. Only seldom is design labelled as a supporting tool for advertising activities of institutions (CORPORATE ADVERTISING) or as its sale assistance. However, design as an important part of advertising is accepted […]

SUMMARY After political and social changes in 1989 historic sites in Slovakia are comming under a considerable pressure of new building activities. New design can be a danger for the appearance of our historic sites, but it can be also an effective method of architectural heritage protection and monument restoration. It is important to accept […]

SUMMARY Graphic design is a polysemantic term even thought it is not entirely applicable in the current digital environment. New expanded media, technologies and techniques have required not only new determination of graphic design but mainly a new statement and mission of a graphic designer. The paper provides basic information about graphic design in historical […]

SUMMARY The article describes the starting points, context and projections of diversification of energy sources in the context of the creation and protection of the environment. It presents the results of scientific knowledge in the field of the theory of architectural design of production energy equipment using conventional and non-traditional energy sources with examples of […]