Successful school

Branislav Jelenčík

SUMMARY The aim of this paper is to map the issue of the success of a school (faculty) through the prism of exact, objective criteria and other influencing factors. Those criteria result not only from the academic world, or from the regulations of state institutions. I analyze this problem by means of current marketing in […]

SUMMARY The report explains the meaning and importance of the primary education facilities in marginal regions in the Slovak Republic. The existence of this educational facility can prevent the depopulation in the mentioned regions. An appropriate architectural solution in context of country school facilities can be assumed as a repository for acquisition of external grants for […]

SUMMARY The author of this study analyses the work of three architects – urban planners: Tibor Alexy, Ján Kavan and Filip Trnkus , in context of their time. She points out the significant impact of their work determining the research, education and design work in the field of urban planning. It also presents their international importance […]