School at the end of the world: Rehabilitation of the primary school function in marginal regions

Gellért Ostrozánsky


The report explains the meaning and importance of the primary education facilities in marginal regions in the Slovak Republic. The existence of this educational facility can prevent the depopulation in the mentioned regions. An appropriate architectural solution in context of country school facilities can be assumed as a repository for acquisition of external grants for developing the given settlement or the whole region. The research in the model area supports the precondition of a possible functional rehabilitation of the involved primary schools. In case of the mentioned rehabilitation, several new functions have to be added, which can help to raise the level of social and cultural life of inhabitants. As the consequence of applying the defined conditions, a community centre could be the most appropriate outcome, which in relation to the context of marginal regions could contribute to the enhancement of their current conditions.

Keywords: primary schools, scattered settlements, architecture, school, schooling, marginalized areas