Successful school

Branislav Jelenčík


The aim of this paper is to map the issue of the success of a school (faculty) through the prism of exact, objective criteria and other influencing factors. Those criteria result not only from the academic world, or from the regulations of state institutions. I analyze this problem by means of current marketing in education. I use this approach in order to show a different point of view and involving the fact that we are a part of the globalized world with the rules and attitudes we sometimes do not want to admit.

The complexity of knowledge, strategic superiority and initiative form the best defence against unpleasant surprises. There exist certain parallels in understanding success in the past, nowadays and in the future, but they are definitely not identical. The secret of success is in details, complexity and diversity of views. Success needs to be developed systematically and methodically. We have to monitor and measure its growth and changes. We could enter confrontation with those who are concerned, but especially with those who are affected by it. Success is a part of corporate culture and only so it can be perceived as something relevant for the organization, school, and faculty.

Keywords: pedagogy, school, student, teacher, success, benefit