SUMMARY Architecture, whether physical or virtual, is the expression of a society realized as a meaningful space. Physical and virtual architecture have their own constraints and context, yet they both use architectural organization as a way to order forms and spaces in the environment. Both strive to create a meaningful place by defining space. The […]

SUMMARY The scientific project of institutional research Nr. 40/00 deals with creation in the fields of architecture and fine arts in the period from Christian antique to Renaissance (around 1,500 years). Project aimed at investigation of the medieval architecture and art contributions, including Slovak creation, based on the analysis of previous research, published evaluations of […]

SUMMARY Multipurpose buildings represent one of the most frequent forms of contemporary architecture. Extent, proportion and function of individual parts in a multipurpose (polyfunctional) structure are influenced by rapid social, economic and technological changes. Current social and economic development prefers trend of functional and constructional adjustability, the building adaptability and regeneration of residential structure. Specifially, […]

SUMMARY Architectural Heritage is a result of long period of human activity reflecting the relationship between mankind and nature. The present cultural property reflects different living conditions and levels of development. Application of actual, innovative forms of presentation based on the principles of theory of monument preservation will enable to preserve heritage for the next […]

SUMMARY The paper deals with some general issues of scientific research in the field of architecture. It notes the state of development and methodological equipment of this research. It mentions the nature of science, anti-scientific tendencies and their connection with research in architecture. It describes the types of research methods used, methods of related scientific […]

SUMMARY This paper presents the relations between terms in Foucault’s philosophy and terms in computer graphics. The attention is particularly focused on curves in Foucault’s description of relations in diagram and on NURBS splines in animation software. The main goal of this paper is to show why NURBS geometries have become so important for architects, […]