Water work Slatinka: Practical experience in elaborating documentation according to the National Council of the Slovak Republic Act No. 127/1994

Dušan Mandák


The water work of Slatinka is in the contribution illustrated as an example of practical experience gauned by the firm Ekospol (from the town of Banská Bystrica) that was the documentation elaborator in the environmental impact assessment process. The process related to the water work began in 1993, i.e. before passing the Act, by elaborating an environmental study in conformity with the proposed intention content. Next steps of the assessment process up to the final record were carried out already after having passed the Act. In the article we describe the assessment process pointing out the most relevant problems and the selection of alternatives. According to the opinion of the documentation elaborators, the process itself proceeded in very good cooperation among the firm Ekospol with its external collaborators and the proponent – the company Vodohospodárska výstavba from Bratislava. As regards the water work of Slatinka, it was recommended in the final record of April 1996 to realise the work along with ensuring several measures. At present, almost five years after releasing the final record, it is necessary to stress that the water work of Slatinka has still not been realised and the validity of the decision on building closure for any other activities in the area expired on 3 May 1999.

Keywords: experience, 127/1994, water work, environment, Slatinka, documentation, Ekospol, practice, Vodohospodárska výstavba