Vladimír Karfík – architect, professor, man

Ľubomír Mrňa


Out of five Czech architects that took the professorship at the SVŠT in Bratislava at the same time and with the same motivation – after the World War II and Belluš’s invitation – V. Karfík as the only one lacked pedagogical experience and did not come from Prague. His uniqueness was in the extent of specialisation joint with architectural creation realised in Slovakia. In Slovakia, there are all kinds of phases of creation, wide scope of creation, rich typology, high number of realisations (more than thirty), resistance against retarding pressure of socialistic realism and cross-border impact of the masterpiece. To his personal features belonged generous overview, empathy towards the requirements of developers for economy, of construction and operation, deep culture (language ability, musical education, contacts with the top celebrities of cultural life, mental and physical activity up to high age, ability to communicate) as well as good sense of humour.

Keywords: professor, personality, Slovakia, SVŠT, architect, Vladimír Karfík