Programme of implementing the National Council of the Slovak Republic Act No. 127/1994 on environmental impact assessment and its performance

Viera Husková


The programme of implementing the Act No. 127/1994 on Environmental Impact Assessment was discussed and approved at an operational meeting of the Ministry of the Enviroment on 25 July 1994. Then it was published in the Bulletin of the Ministry No. 4/1994. Following five years since that moment, it may be stated that the substantial part of the tasks formulated on 1994 was fulfilled. It can be also summarised that experience from implementing the Act in the Slovak conditions is good. The environmental impact assessment process is gradually being acquired by all subjects that are taking part in it by law. On the basis of 5-year experience from implementing this Act, it may be said that environmental impact assessment made before the realisation of activities is rightly considered one of the essential tools for securing the sustainable development. Temporal and financial demands associated with the assessment process are indisputably highly compensated by its positive impacts in the field of the protection and creation of the environment.

Keywords: 5 years, impact assessment, provision, environment, methodological manuals, education, 127/1994, EIA