Cite this article Kamenská, M., Smatanová, K. (2022) ‘The impacts of climate change on urban structures in Slovak cities: Identifying vulnerable urban structures’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 27(1), pp. 33-39.   SUMMARY In the coming decades, our cities will face extreme weather caused by climate change, which they […]

SUMMARY The study is discussing those principles of sustainability whicb are relevant for town planning. The current problems of cities are analysed looking for possibilities of their fixing in urban structure, traffic concept, resource saving, prevention of pollution, integration with the nature etc. A vision of sustainable city is presented here: it has to be […]

SUMMARY Environmental sustainability is the background for land-use documentation. Requirement of sustainable development is the main requirement in land-use planning and decision making but it is necessary to stress sustainability is more than just environmental bearing capacity since it contains the socio-ecological bearing capacity as well as the economic bearing capacity. In the frame of […]

SUMMARY The process of transformation of urban and regional structures as well as the processes of economic restructuring in the post-communist countries requires using of informal instruments in spatial planning. In the regional dimension one of the most effective planning instruments is regional marketing and management. The task of the actor of territorial development as […]