Examples of utilisation of informal instruments in planning

Isolde Roch


The process of transformation of urban and regional structures as well as the processes of economic restructuring in the post-communist countries requires using of informal instruments in spatial planning. In the regional dimension one of the most effective planning instruments is regional marketing and management. The task of the actor of territorial development as managers of strategic processes is explained in detail. This generally successful strategy of an active approach to the regional development motivates and improves mutual communication and at the same time it is a way how to apply the democratic rights in decision making. It enables to reach the set economic and other strategic objectives. It is necessary to devote attention to environmental problems and issues of sustainability. The challenge for the future is in re-assessment of the basic task of spatial planning with respect to sustainable development, based on new informal instruments of planning. The possibilities of their utilisation are shown in the example of the Development Concept of the Region of Karlovy Vary. The objective of the concept was to support the identity of this bordering region and enable implementation of long-term objectives in the context of European integration and transformation processes.

Keywords: strategy, sustainable development, informal tools, planning, post-communist countries, territorial development, Germany, use