Cite this article Novotná, M.  (2023) ‘Alpine huts: Architectural innovations and development in the High Tatras in the second half of the 20th century’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 28(1), pp. 47-55.   SUMMARY Nowadays, the topic of buildings in the mountains, especially mountain huts, is very popular among […]

SUMMARY Architect Vladimír Karfík was one of the most influential Czechoslovak and Slovak architects. His life, professional career and his work reflected a lot of changes characteristic for the 20th century. He cooperated with many famous creators of the modern architecture all over the world. His personal enchantment and his participation in well-known studios of […]

SUMMARY Bratislava in the inter-war period in the 20th century was the centre of the political, social and cultural life in the country. The major architectural trends had a significant application there, along with utilization of progressive technical and construction methods. Among the realized projects a considerable number of structures created for commercial purposes from […]

SUMMARY The architecture of diplomacy – an embassy is an environment where citizens of a foreign state can meet another country, another state for the first time. They experience different culture and identity, different civilization level and character. They learn about the conduct and manners and mentality of people from another country. The architecture of […]