Only teaching will not do

Branislav Jelenčík


The paper deals with effective training of graduates for their professional practice. It analyzes a group of critical criteria for the attractiveness of a graduate when applying for a job or work from the position of an entrepreneur, a freelancer specifically. A group of propositions resulting from an analysis is discussed in this paper. Preparing graduates for their professional practice is not only a topic of acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills provided by accredited courses. In practice, an employable and prospective graduate must present a group of complementary competencies (skills, habits, personal predispositions …). In the recruitment process, selection, and final signing of work contract with an applicant, the employees or recruitment companies use highly sophisticated methods and management systems to quickly detect real professional qualities of the applicant. If the school (faculty) ignores these methods and required criteria its graduates will increasingly recede from the opportunity to get a job related to the studied field. As a result, the reputation of the school will fall as well. The school must therefore not only teach the prescribed courses, but also educate and train for a smooth and seamless inclusion of its graduates into professional life. The school must constantly examine and possibly predict what the professional practice needs might be in the future.

Keywords: faculty, FA STU, management, urban design, skills, education, pedagogy, student, architecture, teacher, design, graduate