SUMMARY The author reminds us of Emil Belluš as a celebrity with broad cultural and creative background, who integrated in his creation nearly all the artistic branches. His friendship and cooperation with painters, writers, journalists, researchers and sportsmen enriched his life which had been fully reflected in his designs. Emil Belluš as an architect with […]

SUMMARY Out of five Czech architects that took the professorship at the SVŠT in Bratislava at the same time and with the same motivation – after the World War II and Belluš’s invitation – V. Karfík as the only one lacked pedagogical experience and did not come from Prague. His uniqueness was in the extent […]

SUMMARY Architect Vladimír Karfík was one of the most influential Czechoslovak and Slovak architects. His life, professional career and his work reflected a lot of changes characteristic for the 20th century. He cooperated with many famous creators of the modern architecture all over the world. His personal enchantment and his participation in well-known studios of […]

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