Is there any potential for location of commercial facilities in the Slovak Radio building?

Štefan Bekeš


The Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava is the “jewel” of the Slovak late Modernism according to architectural theorists. They also draw attention to the need for its protection. Another part of the professional community, and part of general public, consider this building as a relic of the communist regime, and they think it should be removed from the image of the city. The Slovak Radio Building was built for a very specific function and its construction required extremely technical, functional and technological solutions, which could be classified as unique for their period of time. However, its service, technology and total current status have become outdated.  Also, the building is over-sized for the current Radio needs, and as a result it will have to go through total reconstruction in the near future. It will be necessary to establish the potentials and limits of the structure that will affect the project of its renovation.

The article deals with options for integration of commercial facilities in the Slovak Radio Building. This potential (economic and structural) will be researched by watching pedestrians moving around the radio building, number of staff and students, workers and learners within walking distance of 200m from the Radio Building, the distribution of commercial facilities close to the building and the spatial options of the Radio Building. The research results will be applied to evaluate the commercial potential of the Slovak Radio Building, and will help to identify potential areas for placement of such facilities.

Keywords: potential, Slovak Radio, public facilities, commercialism