Experience from seven years at the Faculty of Architecture STU: And what next?

Ivan Gürtler


The FA STU has a monopolistic status in Slovakia. This is connected with the problems of university education for architects in our country. A solution is posible by the following steps: a) to decentralize by establishment of a new school of architecture in Slovakia, e.g. in Košice, b) to adapt the curriculum so that it would be possible to give flexible solutions to the pressing problems of practice, c) the length of the six-year study should be compatible with that of foreign universities, d) to introduce the postgraduate-diploma study in the third grade level for better professional orientation and attestation, e) to connect the activities of the FA STU with practice and introduce circulation of the top professionals from the field of the pedagogical process and research at the FA STU, f) to open the FA STU abroad in the form of broader cooperation with foreign schools of architecture in order to improve the quality of the pedagogical process and to gain professional experience.

Keywords: foreign countries, study, 7 years, FA STU, monopoly, third degree, higher education, length of study, practice