Digital interface

Robert Lӧffler


Present trends in the area of (digital) architecture and fabrication focus on the research of reactivity of a complex system of factors in architecture and digital fabrication. These determinants may vary – from operational and social to structural or material. Fabrication of architectural structures occurs in real physical world in the form of complex mechanical systems, or in the virtual world. The progress in technology enables to minimise the differences between reality and virtual reality. This moment of the realities overlap is becoming a source of inspiration and enables an application of unorthodox and innovative design processes in architecture. Reactivity becomes an important part of design process which enables interactivity and transformation of the structures in real time. Use of high tech technologies and unorthodox design tools such as robotic arms, milling machines, 3d printers, drones, and tools of virtual and augmented reality are typical for the given issue.

Keywords: digital interface, virtual world, reality, reactivity, production, digital architecture