Ing. arch. Milan Andráš, PhD. Faculty of Architecture STU Institute of Architecture I Námestie slobody 19 812 45 Bratislava RNDr. Ingrid Belčáková, PhD. Faculty of Architecture STU Institute of Urban Design Námestie slobody 19 812 45 Bratislava doc. Ing. arch. Branislav Dohnány, PhD. Faculty of Architecture STU Institute of History and Theory of […]

SUMMARY The aim of the dissertation thesis is to find solutions to temporarily devastated city of Brno in the Czech Republic. Based on collected and periodically updated geographical data from the research carried out on former industrial areas in Brno, it seeks for local trends and analyzes them. With the help of study of international […]

SUMMARY A cinema is one of the latest typology kinds. Architects and developers are still standing at the start, or close to the start line. The cinema is a phenomenon where the requirements for space are still changing and sometimes there is a confusion about the question how to design the space for movie projection. […]

SUMMARY The Internet has a growing importance as a medium for presenting 3D visualization and is offering visualization tools. In this paper, we identify requirements for 3D visualization systems to interactively visualize user data. We analyzed four possible solutions: VRML, Viewpoint Experience, Cult3D and Virtue3D technology. We tested quality of visualization, interactivity, software support, size […]

SUMMARY In present time, travelling is a common and daily part of our life. We are travelling to work, to school or for the rest. It is a very simple activity. But it is important to know that there are people who have to pass many barriers and problems, when they want to travel – […]

SUMMARY A degree of development of industrial production and the country’s forwardness are mutually related. Revitalisation of the country’s production traditions and crafts in the current modern understanding of technologies should be developed broadly that means in the urban as well as rural environment. We often try to find the proper understanding of the modern […]

SUMMARY Practical outputs of the research and innovation of information and communication systems and technologies (such as videoconferences, long-distance teaching and on-line communications, using Internet and HTML pages for architectural studio projects and for long distance education and tutorial) to the academic, research, educational and practical activities in architecture and landscape planning. These principles used […]