What will be the future SAS campus like? History and perspectives of urban and architectural development of the campus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava

Henrieta Moravčíková, Laura Pastoreková


The campus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava is one of the oldest modern campuses in the city, which still remains its original function. During the 20th century, its urban and architectural plans were designed by the best Slovak architects. The primary construction of the campus was divided into three main stages: The first part was prepared under the guidance of the architect Karol Paluš, the second stage was designed by the team of the architect Martin Kusý and the last segment resulted from an architectural competition, won by the architect Marián Marcinka. Already during the planning process of these stages the architects emphasized, that the urban structure of the campus is not ultimate. The voids designed between the buildings allowed future spatial growth of the existing institutions and further construction. To maintain these architectural and urban values and develop the potential of the area, it is necessary to follow this long tradition of complex urban planning.

Such opportunity was given to the youngest generation of Slovak architects – students in their sixth year of study at the Faculty of Architecture SUT in September 2015. Their design studio project was divided into two sections: the first task included a deep analysis of the surrounding environment and the relations of the urban elements inside the campus, the second stage task was to design a building for the selected research institutions or related public facilities. The connection of excellent architects-teachers and the current topic provided a whole series of new ideas and verified the development potential of the property. On the other hand, pedagogues and students got the opportunity to work on an ambitious project, present their designs in public and even to enter potentially the real planning process. Result of this cooperation of students, architects-teachers and researchers was an exhibition, dedicated to the history and future of the SAS campus, which was opened during the Week of Science and Technology and was a worthy culmination of their year-long work.

Keywords: compound, Slovak Academy of Sciences, architecture, SAV, urban design, development