Modern architecture as a monument

Soňa Ščepánová


In order to present actual research achievements in APVV and VEGA grant
projects and to initiate interdisciplinary discussion about conditions and
possibilities of reconstruction of modern architecture monuments, an
academic colloquium took place on 11th November 2010 in Bratislava.
The event, organised under cooperation of Department of Architecture
ÚSTARCH SAV and organization DOCOMOMO Slovakia, was accompanied
by an exhibition AA20: Register of materials and constructions. The
academic discussion, hosted by prof. Matúš Dulla and doc. Henrieta Moravčíková,
was focused on two basic groups of questions, Valorisation vs. Evaluation
and Materiality vs. Temporality, that were answered by project-
team representatives.

Keywords: modern architecture, APVV, KEGA, colloquium, exhibition, DOCODOMO, monument