Incorporation of a complex of structures into the city structure: Current research results

Jaromír Hainc


In general, residential buildings and residential sector represent more than half of the work of an architect. Sufficient housing for people and the need for quality of living is a key issue in many countries, in the Czech Republic as well. The long duration of street layout has influence on the sustainability of cities. In this article, a specific segment – housing complexes are studied in terms of spatial integration and accessibility. The Space Syntax method is used to analyze 15 selected housing complexes in Prague. The conclusions are indicated with preliminary interpretation of the analyses results.

This study is part of the theme of Recently Built-up Areas and Their Integration into the Pattern of a City. This article tries to briefly inform and show the methods of research used for better understanding of spatial relations and integration of recently built up complexes. One of the key targets is to more deeply analyze the housing estates – blocks of flats of collective housing built in the second half of 20th century.

Keywords: city, structure, space syntax, Prague, urban design