From classic urban spaces to the experiment

Jana Sajdáková


We may go beyond. Although we see the space as the most important attribute of architecture, the space is not just what simply remains between the walls. Loos talks about “Das Prinzip der Bekleidung”, Le Corbusier about The Free Plan, Mies’s Void under “Umbrella”, and this is where Eisenman also belongs. As a writer, philosopher, architect he constantly tries to push architecture forward… he is in the process. On the other hand, there is film, as a medium which operates with space, time, movement and images. These are the commodities that architecture and film operate with. The ‘film’ space is evolved by montage – the basic strategy of film. Eisenman’s architecture progresses by The Fold.  Both the architecture and the film are parallel, but a possible way how to start a dialogue among them is simply through common language – the system of how we communicate, and share our ideas.

Keywords: creation, public space, film, Eisenman, Eisenstein, text