University education in spatial planning

Jaroslav Coplák


When starting with the new concept of the study and its curricula, it is inevitable to consider the substance of the university system of education, its possible ways of application as well as the fact if the discipline itself includes the possibility to apply the basic academic principles. There are many reasons why the education of spatial planners should be of university character. These lie primarily in the holistic and interdisciplinary approach towards education, in increasing the number of optional subjects, new forms of education and introduction of the modules that would completely cover certain specialisation. Another important approach is to open the university environment towards the external environment and towards the students to train them in the research and academic activities in order to get them involved in scientific activities of spatial planning. If this concept of university education for spatial planners shoudl be a right way for the future, it must keep up with the dynamic development in this field, reflecting the dynamics of changes in society and it canot stay like the preserved academic conservatism that deforms the original mission of universities. The successful and open system od education means that it will be respected by other educational institutions and accepted by its undergraduates.

Keywords: spatial planning, system, study, university, urban design, education