Traces of the architect Karfík

Robert Špaček


The personality of the architect Karfík is presented by the author through posing questions of relation between possibilities of a system or systems, and the effects of personality in them. Under which circumstances a creative situation emerges and how it functions – that could be traced in the life and work of Vladimír Karfík. Karfík’s architecture is understandable, even though multi-layered. Its inner richness, personal enchantment of the architect and his participation in many of the best known studios of the first half of the 20th century helped preserve legends about forming and emergence of the modern architecture and its creators. We come back to it for support in creatively uncertain times. Had our architecture had its own Enlightenment, it might have had its high point in Karfík.

Keywords: enlightenment, traces, 20th century, creativity, Vladimír Karfík