The study of spatial planning at the TU Vienna

Klaus Semsroth


The history of the interdisciplinary studies in spatial planning has begun in Austria in 1970 at the TU Vienna. The next modification of the curriculum of spatial planning started to take place in 1992. At present a new model of the study is under preparation. The most substantial change compared to the present model will be introduction of the optional subjects. The study committee, taking into account new tendencies in education, is trying to make the common level of the study comprehensive in order to gain the basic qualification and at the same time deeper knowledge and specialisation. In the future the basic education to reach basic qualification in the field of spatial planning should be different from the present model especially in the strenghtening the specialised and deeper part. Introduction of the modular system of study shoudl enable the undergraduates to shorten the length of study since at present the average length of study at the TU Vienna is up to 14.5 semesters. This will decrease the hours of lectures that will not exceed 160 hours per month.

Keywords: Vienna, spatial arrangement, study, Technical University, spatial planning, development, Austria