The meaning of the word… on rural architecture

Michal Šarafín


Countries of the European Union are searching for future of their villages, together they emphasize their renovation in regards of return of their self-confidence and the ability to solve problems of the quality of their lives. Future of villages is also a challenge for architecture, EU countries request from architecture to create villages as identical demonstration of cultural and historical values of their countries. EU understands its home as a cultural treasury of peculiar countryside villages. The theory of architecture which calls the civil awareness of countryside becomes legitimate, this is represented by the countryside architecture. Countryside architecture has its university, which prepares future architects for creation is specific countryside conditions. Countryside architecture has its „soul“ of affiliation with historical messages and its own envirnment, its countryside people. Countryside architecture is searching for its place in the academic programe of the Faculty of Architecture.
In this article, countryside architecture is represented by some topics, which represent theory and experience. On the ground of the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak Technical University, countryside architecture applies for a position of professional specialization. The specialization represents architectonical school of countryside.

Keywords: architectonical school, architecture, traditions, countryside, harmony