The architect and a civil engineer in common projects

Juraj Kozák


The author, who is a graduate of civil engineering from the Slovak University of Technology in 1949, designed statics and constructions of various remarkable buildings in Slovakia and Bohemia. He cooperated with architects Prof. Jozej Lacko (Press enter in Bratislava), with Ján Bahna (Headquarters of General Credit Bank) and others. He can remember his studies and his professors, architects E. Belluš and V. Karfík who gave lectures in the subjects like Building of Municipalities, Aesthetics of Civil Engineering and Building Art. An architect can be an author, a co-author or a consultant of engineering works. This is the viewpoint he assesses the works of Emil Belluš, e.g. water reservoir in Trnava, pavilion of technology in Bratislava with ceilings for large-space corridors and the bridges in Piešťany and Sereď.

Keywords: architecture, civil engineer, study, civil engineering, statics, joint works