Textile factory TIBA, Beroun – “alte Weberei” – old weaving mill

Petr Šimr


This article is a summary of information about the textile factory in the city of Beroun and its history. It also deals with its architectural analysis based on the found extensive project documentation and physical inspection of the examined object. The analysed structure is related to important historical milestones. The photographic documentation of the current layout and the examined state of the buildings has been the other researched aspects. Numerous photos backed by detailed analysis of the examined aspects document the condition of the building. Intensively researched were irregularities in available text sources on the initial building mills. They were proved thanks to comparison of the texts to historically valuable images and a large complex of drawing documents.  The drawings provided for historical, technical and scientific purposes a very good idea of size, shape, disposition and location of individual buildings in the area, the dates of their construction, further reconstructions, and functional conversions. This is a great benefit not only for scientific purposes.

This case study is an unpublished part of extensive scientific work which is part of the thesis on “Industrial Heritage in Beroun.” Research of the Beroun Tiba textile factory started in January 2011 and today some of the topics – such as textile factory history, architecture, technology and technical equipment of buildings, industrial heritage, and the use of degraded sights or industrial archaeology are still relevant. Other topics such as Fire Sprinkler progress, statics of the buildings, underground conduit network, vertical lines of the textile factory, etc. are still under research.

Keywords: textile, spinning mill, architecture, TIBA, Beroun, factory, Alte Weberei, Czech Republic