Stakeholders – part of urban planning

Ľubica Vitková, Ján Urban


This paper focuses on the development of planning mechanisms, current practices and trends in relation to the social aspects of planning. Above all, we present the research and applied methodology aimed at involving the representatives of municipal authorities (self-government) and other entities in the planning and development strategy of the DANUrB project. An important part of the project is the formation of local communities based on sustainable development and tourism and on the cooperation with local stakeholders.

As part of the project research, we have set up a data collection methodology common to all stakeholders involved to gather a wide range of stakeholder-related information, including their requirements and expectations associated with the future development of the territory concerned. The data include information of their current or future active participation in transformation processes. This methodology has been applied to selected small and medium-sized towns along the Danube, which are in the centre of project focus. Our associate partner in the project is the town of Komárno, and therefore we conducted the research with stakeholders having a relation to this town and its surroundings.

Komárno is characterized by an active involvement of its inhabitants in public affairs, and an intensive social and cultural life. This is the ideal basis for involving citizens, civic associations as well as business people in strategies and projects for the transformation of the town, region, and working with similar players in other towns along the Danube.

Keywords: Komárno, research, urban planning, DANUrB, stakeholders, self-government