Some experience from the process of environmental impact assessment according to the National Council of the Slovak Republic Act No. 127/1994

Soňa Antalová


The author of this article presents her observations and opinions about the assessment process by ty Act no. 127/1994 on environmental impact assessment. She had an opportunity to take part in several roles – as a documentation elaborator, review expert or within the public. As is described, in each position it was inevitable and much contributory to manage problems having arisen due to putting the Act into practice. Especially in relation with the fact the assessment process participants were forced to master something new and to respect the standpoints of various subjects. From the viewpoint of acquiring knowledge, the author mostly appreciates the role of the documentation elaborator, which is the most confronted in many cases. In the article is depicted practical experience mainly from the Bratislava region.

Keywords: environment, experience, impact assessment, 127/1994, Bratislava region