Society transformation process and its impact on typology of retail facilities

Milan Andráš


The newly established social, economic and political conditions of life of a society at the end of the 20th century caused striking changes in structure of retail facilities. The positive effect of this process can be seen in wide selection and accessibility of the range of products, the quality of service and in the variety of types of retail facilities, with large-scale facilities not known before in our country (supermarkets, country supermarket, hypermarket, shopping park, shopping centre, car showroom, discount and other). A small inaccuracy or confusion in terms for these retail facilities can call for definition of their size, exact analysis of their disposition and operation relations, determination of their layout and structural attributes, and specification of conditions for their integration with other urban facilities, amenities and housing. Their location in city cores is mentioned above all. Architectural and urban shortages of the newly built retail structures evoke urgent coordination in their development and incorporation in the urban centres.

Keywords: retail, end of the 20th century, transformation, society, typology