Small-production facilities and their integration in residential areas

Marína Heliová


Industrial architecture and its importance is stressed. The project aimes at small operation units and craft production. Their positive development can guarantee the prosperity for the pertinent area. The development of small production units in urban (housing) areas has been corrected with respect to their relation to social, trade and economic, and legislative aspects. Their integration and multifunctional aspect are modelling elements of the environment and an indicator of quality of life. Their social function in the situation of high unemployment is indisputable. The research project analyzes production units, prepares photo documentation, makes analyses of the urban architectural solutions of the author of the project as well as of the students’ studio works, designed under the author’s tutorship within the MSc and BSc study programmes. The research results have been published in the professional magazines Stavba, ASB, Information. Three teaching ais can be considered as research results.

Keywords: small production facilities, residential area, small plants, craft production, industrial architecture, integration