Slovak Centre for European Integration, SCEI – Kremnica

Nadežda Hrašková, Georg Flachbart, Branislav Dohnány


Institutional research project: Slovak centre of European integration – SCEI.mind(21)house – a networked digital technologies-based cultural and educational hub for acquiring the skills necessary for competing ways of life in the Global Net. The mind(21)house between the villages of Kremnicke Bane and Krahule near the central Slovak town of Kremnica will operate as a universal interface between Man and Technology, between Work and Leisure, between Politics and Society, between Economy and Nature, between Virtuality and Reality, providing people of all ages with the power and means to excel as innovative leaders on their way “From a Global Village to a Global Net”.
The workshop mind(21)house presents 28 designs entered for and international competition for students of architecture and planning from Universities of Technology in Graz, Budapest, Kosice, Lviv, Cracow, Brno and Bratislava. The competition took place from November 12, 2002 – June 19, 2003, starting with the first initial briefing at the Faculty of Architecture and on the location in Kremnica in November 2002, and continued with the second briefing in Graz in February this year. About 80 students took part. From June 19-21, the international Jury then met in Kremnica in the beautiful spaces of the old municipal archives at the Main Square, and after heated debates, evaluations and reevaluations, accompanied by menaces of withdrawal, the jury decided the results.

Keywords: Slovak Centre for European Integration, SCEI, workshop, Kremnica, institutional research