Requirements on reform of system of education in spatial and environmental planning

Hans-Jörg Domhardt


In the modern society of the information age it is only possible to have satisfactory professional career of the graduates in spatial planning by getting broad scientific base, characterised as general professional qualification with the focus on spatial planning. Since the professional practice brings the new tasks in the field of spatial planning, it is inevitable to include this new position into the curriculum. It should be emphasised that the future goals of spatial planning are determined by future development and improvement of its theoretical and methodological basis as an independent discipline. The objective of education is to achieve beside the theory of spatial planning also the skills and qualifications necessary from the point of view of its future success in the labour market. In education it is necessary to support the abilities to work in teams and with interdisciplinary approach as well as to support the feeling of responsibility towards society for the professional decisions. This background was applied in the concept of curriculum of the new model of the study of spatial and environmental planning at the University in Kaiserslautern that is given in more details in the contribution.

Keywords: reform, education system, field of study, environmental planning, spatial planning, new model of study, modules