Reevaluation of stereotypes: Design of microenvironment from its user’s point of view

Veronika Kotradyová


The paper deals with re-evaluating the environmental design stereotypes formed through inhabiting natural and built environments. It deals with the conflict between culture and rational thinking on the one hand and instinct and self-regulation of the human body and nature on the other. It explores the conflict presented in western civilization by different forms in decision-making in our lives, including environmental design. The thesis consisted of literature studies, consultations with experts from the human sciences and my own field research (test of comforts and behavioral field research). The core of the thesis is an individual complex diagnostics of the user, including health problems, social and working anamnesis and sensorial, emotional and rational preferences, and thus it contributes to the individualization of a personal space creation for users. It also analyzes the methods of behavioral research as an important part of human-centered design/body conscious design. This work is a part of the research project and serves as an initial study material for the course of Humanization of the Microenvironment – Body Conscious Design.

Keywords: environment, human, design, analysis, creation, architecture, anthropometry