Prof. Belluš’s share in foundation of the school of architecture in Slovakia

Ján Antal


The author of the paper considers a significant part of Prof. Belluš’s celebrity – his thirty-year period of his organizational, pedagogical, and scientific activities in education of the architects in Slovakia. Since 1936, he was involved in foundation of the Slovak Technical University and later on, after its establishment in 1937, he was involved in opening the department of architecture in the frame of the branch of civil engineering. He succeeded in 1946, when he had to go on with his endeavor and prepare its curriculum. This was done with the assistance of the top Slovak and Czech professionals and supported by his twenty years of experience and overview of the world history of architecture. Prof. Belluš was not only the founder of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava but primarily the spirit of the school till his retirement in 1970.

Keywords: 30 years, professor, SVŠT, Emil Belluš, founder, school of architecture