Potential of main urban transition corridors

Ľubica Vitková


For the urban planning research, one of the fundamental topics is the issue of corridors that is connecting transitions like streets, axes, boulevards, avenues, etc. It was these corridors that were paid special attention in the history of urban development. Streets, boulevards and avenues as core dynamic parts of urban territory represent the main skeleton of urban development. They were and they still are an integral part of urban theories, visionary concepts, models of urban development, planning mechanisms, developmental and transformation strategies.

Importance of the core linear system for development or transformation of a city lies in its natural capability to attach industrial and social activities. The linear system is based on rationality and effectiveness of  “transportation roots”, good “visibility” of facilities resulting in their optimal utilization.

The article follows the development of views on formation of core urban linear transition roots in Slovakia in the last 100 years and in the European context. It evaluates the current situation of selected core roots and shows the cardinal problems of their formation as well as factors that have induced the situation.

After the period of stagnation or even decline of interest in solving these urban areas (including the transition roots) caused by functionalistic principles of urban development, the research of these topics becomes urgent in its full complexity. So is the implementation of research results into the practice.

The article presents research results from the running research of public areas for the Municipality of the City of Bratislava, the Office of the Head Architect. It also continuously follows the realised research activities on The Chair of Urban Architectural Complexes and Institute of Urban Planning and Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (FA STU). It above all continues in researching the core transition system elaborated by professors Alexy, Kavan and Trnkus.

Keywords: Bratislava, urban design, potential, transformation, town, urban space, corridor