On the dynamics of models of the study of architecture

Sylvia Clavel


At present there is a liberal interpretation of architectural practice. Education in architecture can have various models. The reform in 1968 caused a drastic decline of actual practice and gave priority to academic education. The reform of the state school system in 1984 decided for multidisciplinarity, which enables the architect to analyze the issues within the design as well as their future impacts. A five-year system has been introduced, with one-year postgraduate diploma study. The reform of education being prepared for 1998 will extend the study to 6 years in three cycles. The basic education will last 4 years, which should harmonize education with the conditions of actual architectural practice and its social and economic factors. If the role of an architect in society is to be assured, it is advantageous to include all the disciplines which contribute to their skill, cultivating their abilities to criticism but at the same time avoiding dogmatism.

Keywords: architecture, models of study, education, dynamics, school system, reform