Non-conventional methods of interpretation of urbanistic and architectural creative process

Peter Kardoš


The study summarises cultural parameters of the forming of city structure as well as the importance of continuity of its development. It also shows the permanent dynamics of the changes of spatial structure – architect’s duty is to participate and secure the needs of inhabitants. The contribution of the method of spatial modelling by designing alternative solutions in the pedagogical process is demonstrated on the base of experience with the spatial endoscopy as a non-conventional simulation techniques in architecture and town planning. The necessary technical equipment and the characteristics of the laboratory of simulation are described in the next part together with the demands on the model and with the procedure of dynamic spatial experience of the observer. The mentioned method and technology are illustrated with the graphical outputs of the endoscopic simulation, the possibilities of digitalisation and multimedial presentation are indicated too.

Keywords: urban structure, endoscopy, space, urban desing, simulation, creative process, modeling, interpretation