New specialisation in the education of regional planners at the University of Economics in Bratislava

Milan Buček


The establishment of the new specialisation of the territorial public administration and regional development was the response of the National Economy Faculty at the University of Economics to the new tendencies of regional development and primarily with respect to the needs of practice in relation to the pre-accession period of the Slovak Republic. This specialisation has been opened since the academic year 1998/1999 for one study group. The profile of the graduate of this specialisation is formed in the way to correspond to the needs of the reform of territorial public administration under the new conditions of territorial administrative division and to the process of economic transformation in Slovakia. The graduates of the study will gain general economic knowledge along with knowledge of national economy that will be further deepened in the obligatory and optional subjects of the specialisation. The possibilities of the graduates to be successful in the labour market are in the jobs of the central government as well as in regional and local governments.

Keywords: regional planners, University of Economics, Bratislava, public administration, teaching, new specialization, state administration, regional development