Linear constructions in the process of environmental impact assessment (EIA): Form, approaches, methods

Anton Darnady, Ivan Pirman


Linear constructions, especially motorways, are likely the most assessed activities during the existence of the Act No. 127/94. This contribution deals with the most dynamically developing elements of the EIA process in methodical and formal respects – with the exception of methods comparing alternatives. The article also evaluates developmental phases of the collaboration between environmentalists and traffic engineers. Then the association of EIA documentation with land use planning documentation or other strategic and conception documents is also mentioned. The improvement of methodical approaches in assessing the impacts on man (on an example of noise) as well as in assessing the impacts on the natural environment (on an example of rocks) is accentuated too. The cardinal part of the article is aimed at post-project activities – e.g. checking and ensuring the feedback in the creation of a monitoring and information system.

Keywords: environment, line constructions, evaluation, highways, EIA, proposals, impact assessment, 127/1994