SUMMARY Vladimír Karfík designed and built villas of high standard for Baťa’s top managers. These 4 villas, designed during a war, are different in their architectural form. If we compare their disposition, we can see that they are in principle nearly the same. The construction of each of the villas took more than 2 years […]

SUMMARY The data on the less known (or even unknown) structures by our famous architect Dušan Jurkovič can serve to better understanding of his architectural work. A tourist object in Fenštát pod Radhoštem, designed for Dr. Parma has not been included into the list of D. Jurkovič’s architectural works, published in the book by F. […]

SUMMARY Publication with higher quality of grafics and with a comprehensive professional content about living houses, especially about most well-known Slovak villas seen at the background of social – political situation from the period of the Roman limes romanus till the recent epoch.