SUMMARY The author presents here his personal ideas concerning architectural design and its philosophy, starting from the basic meaning of architecture – from serving the users’ needs. The difference between physical and “moral” lifetime of architecture brings the need of variability of the current buildings and interiors. Another discussed problem is the modernity of architecture. […]

ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Heterogenität, individuelle Identität, Änderung und Mobilität sind charakteristische Merkmale unserer Epoche. Im Familienleben erweitern sich verschiedene Formen des Zusammenlebens, die Zahl der kleinen Haushalte und damit zusammenhängende häufigere Änderungen. Die architektonische Gestaltung der Wohnbauten reagiert darauf mit der Heterogenität der Wohnformen und mit Entwerfen der variablen und flexiblen Raumstrukturen. In meiner Doktorarbeit möchte ich […]

SUMMARY Multipurpose buildings represent one of the most frequent forms of contemporary architecture. Extent, proportion and function of individual parts in a multipurpose (polyfunctional) structure are influenced by rapid social, economic and technological changes. Current social and economic development prefers trend of functional and constructional adjustability, the building adaptability and regeneration of residential structure. Specifially, […]

SUMMARY Current parametric design generates many possible solutions during the modelling and designing process. However, in the final stage it allows the user to choose only one solution to be developed. Physical parametric design is a design strategy for parametric design. It enables the parametric design to embody the knowledge from simulation tools and still […]