SUMMARY Soundscape has an important role in the overall architectural ambiance in design of public spaces. Acoustics of the designed space, whether it is interior architecture or urban exterior of public space plays an important role in influencing the soundscape. Architects today do not usually take the aural properties of their public space designs into […]

SUMMARY For the urban planning research, one of the fundamental topics is the issue of corridors that is connecting transitions like streets, axes, boulevards, avenues, etc. It was these corridors that were paid special attention in the history of urban development. Streets, boulevards and avenues as core dynamic parts of urban territory represent the main […]

SUMMARY Current development of our society, mainly driven by forces of economic efficiency, materializes in the built urban environment in specific spatial phenomena that stand beyond the scope of traditionally perceived architecture. The impact of architecture on the formation of urban environment has been constantly declining, thus it further amplifies the adverse effects of this […]