SUMMARY The presence of water in various forms ever was and still is a prerequisite for the birth and existence of human settlements. The multifaceted aspects of the communities’ relationship to water were dynamically reflected in the characteristics behind the formation of the urban structure in different historical periods and represent specific values for towns […]

Editorial 1/2023

Wissem Gallala

Architecture is at the crossroads of multidisciplinary fields; it is obvious for it to integrate new concepts and encourage new interpretations in all architectural projects in order to create a synergy that must exist in projects which combine other disciplines, e.g., the historical context, the surrounding environment, urbanism, design, occupation of spaces and their components, […]

SUMMARY Nowadays, the biggest challenge of urban planners is coping with the climate change and applying the principles of sustainability in urban planning, such as compact city concept and inner urban development. Since 1989, Slovak towns and cities have undergone significant expansion across built-up area boundaries, at the expense of agricultural land. New development areas […]