These days, the importance of brownfield regeneration and reuse of vacant land is crucial for sustainable development, particularly in post-communist, post-socialist countries, where a series of key historical events caused socio-economic and political changes leading to urban decay. However, if we want to provide a comprehensive picture of the current urban structure and its issues […]

Smart space

Silvia Kolářová

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SUMMARY A degree of development of industrial production and the country’s forwardness are mutually related. Revitalisation of the country’s production traditions and crafts in the current modern understanding of technologies should be developed broadly that means in the urban as well as rural environment. We often try to find the proper understanding of the modern […]

SUMMARY The newly established social, economic and political conditions of life of a society at the end of the 20th century caused striking changes in structure of retail facilities. The positive effect of this process can be seen in wide selection and accessibility of the range of products, the quality of service and in the […]


Monika Balarová

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