SUMMARY The author, who is a graduate of civil engineering from the Slovak University of Technology in 1949, designed statics and constructions of various remarkable buildings in Slovakia and Bohemia. He cooperated with architects Prof. Jozej Lacko (Press enter in Bratislava), with Ján Bahna (Headquarters of General Credit Bank) and others. He can remember his […]

SUMMARY The history of the interdisciplinary studies in spatial planning has begun in Austria in 1970 at the TU Vienna. The next modification of the curriculum of spatial planning started to take place in 1992. At present a new model of the study is under preparation. The most substantial change compared to the present model […]

SUMMARY When starting with the new concept of the study and its curricula, it is inevitable to consider the substance of the university system of education, its possible ways of application as well as the fact if the discipline itself includes the possibility to apply the basic academic principles. There are many reasons why the […]


Jozef Ciller

SUMMARY This is a study about the meaning and understanding of the stool, such homely thing in the human life, in the scenic expression.