SUMMARY The paper is based on the parallel reading of the first Vladimír Karfík’s diary (1916) and his last family house (1968-72, Brno, Czech Republic). The first Karfík’s diary trancribes summer holiday memories, fantasies and ideas of fourteen years old college student mostly interested in piano playing, foreign languages, literature, drawing, photography and field trips. […]

Only teaching will not do

Branislav Jelenčík

SUMMARY The paper deals with effective training of graduates for their professional practice. It analyzes a group of critical criteria for the attractiveness of a graduate when applying for a job or work from the position of an entrepreneur, a freelancer specifically. A group of propositions resulting from an analysis is discussed in this paper. […]

Successful school

Branislav Jelenčík

SUMMARY The aim of this paper is to map the issue of the success of a school (faculty) through the prism of exact, objective criteria and other influencing factors. Those criteria result not only from the academic world, or from the regulations of state institutions. I analyze this problem by means of current marketing in […]