SUMMARY After political and social changes in 1989 historic sites in Slovakia are comming under a considerable pressure of new building activities. New design can be a danger for the appearance of our historic sites, but it can be also an effective method of architectural heritage protection and monument restoration. It is important to accept […]

SUMMARY The issue of the Restoration of the Bratislava Castle is always connected with the person, who, at that time, led the reconstruction and design works on the castle. Individual parts of the reconstruction can be defined as five restoration periods or  five stages. Dušan Martinček, an architect, preservationist, pedagogue and also a versatile artist, […]

SUMMARY The history of preservation of historic sites and buildings has been affected by continuous changes and development of views on methods of protection and restoration of architectural heritage. The reasons for these changes in the conceptual approach can be found in the constant transformation of social and economic situation, the impact of ideologies and […]

SUMMARY The paper is going to shortly introduce current results of the architectural and restoration research of Neologic Synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia, the work of world famous German architect Peter Behrens. Ongoing investigation is a part of the conservation and conversion project within which several specialists of the field of heritage research from academic institutions […]