SUMMARY The thesis presents meditations and knowledge of intelligent buildings according to the understanding of scientific disciplines, mainly psychology and architecture. From the spectrum of distinct views, it tries to appoint the architectural understanding of the problem.

Cite this article Kulifaj, I., Šimkovič, V. (2021) ‘Apperception: Understanding and anticipating the user in space based on neural and behavioural responses’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 26(1), pp. 39-49.   SUMMARY We are aware that it is not possible to include all theoretical psychological and neuroscientific starting points […]

SUMMARY Scientific studies point out that the feeling of psychic well-being can positively affect the patient´s state of health; reduce the amount of the used anti-pain pills, and accelerate the healing process. Stress is an important psychic aspect in this process. Stress is a psychological and emotional process that negatively affects the neuro-hormonal, immunological, muscular […]